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Danish quality meat
- good craftsmanship delivered on time

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We value longterm cooperative relationships

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- following the highest quality and hygiene standards

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Your environment is our environment 
- we take care of it too!

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Flexibility, craftsmanship and quality are key words when we meet our customers

We have an adaptable and innovative production, dry slaughter, flexible production facilities and skilled employees - a combination that ensures high quality.

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Become a supplier to DanePork. We are a privately owned competitive slaughterhouse, which ensures that your pigs are mainly sold in the domestic market.

One of the most adaptable and flexible slaughterhouses

We are a privately owned slaughterhouse. We work to the highest standards and are BRC and HACCP certified.

Quality and hygiene is our top priority

We continuously optimise production, quality and hygiene. We ensure that we get the necessary certificates to the highest standards.

DanePork - Quality from product to refrigerated counter

From the very beginning, our philosophy has been that the distance from "farm to fork" should be short. This requires close cooperation with both customers and suppliers.

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Professionalism and quality

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Danish quality meat for the retail industry